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Example of a Swinger Club ListingIt's completely free to list your swingers club with our global Directory!

Dear Club Owner .. In order to compile one of the most comprehensive and useful Swinger Club Directories possible, we are currently offering all owners of Swinger Clubs a totally free and very detailed photo-listing for your venue to help new visitors locate you, and allow new swingers to find the top clubs in their area.
Once submitted, your club will be added to our country A-Z page, as well as you automatically having your very own personal page created for your club in a linkable html format which you can send direct to your clients if you so wish.

Your listing is fully editable. .. You may update any part of your club's page, including photos, 24-hrs a day.
Please complete ALL the details below for our office use. You may choose to hide either your phone number or email address from public view if you prefer. In the Town field, you may enter a full street address for your venue if you like.
You may also upload an image or your corporate logo. Adding your Facebook page is of course completely optional.

We are also able to offer reviews, special editorial features, direct media marketing and large format commercial promotions throughout our pages on request.

Note: Listings are instant! .. The moment you submit your club, it will become available in our directory .. You will receive a PIN to allow 24-hour updating.

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  Tip: you may enter a full street address here if you prefer .. ie:  34 High St, Boston
  please do not abbreviate names .. ie:  Inverness, Scotland

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Upload a JPG or a GIF image to define your listing. (Ideally square or vertical, as the max width will be reduced to 300-pixels).
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This short description will be the "HEADLINE" that appears for your club .. It will also be listed on Google with these words.

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• Please enter below a FULL description and detailed informative text about your club:
You have up to 2000-characters to promote your activities, so you can write plenty!
Include anything you need from opening-times, type of guests, facilities, themes, hosts, parking or whatever.

Note: In the text-box, please do NOT use the line or carriage-return button unless you intentionally wish to create a new line or a new paragraph.
Using unnecessary line-returns in the text box below will simply make your finished listing look a bit stupid when your club's html page is create.

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We reserve the right to confirm listings telephonically to ensure accuracy, as well as edit or remove any material considered offensive or misleading.
You will receive a passcode by email with which you can access and edit any aspects of your posting at any time.