Amateur Models Wanted!

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We welcome all Females and Couples, plus have roles for single Males too!

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to be a glamour model
and take part in an adult video or be part of an erotic photoshoot ..

.. Then wonder no more!!

We are continuously looking for new faces, girls-next-door, normal wives and husbands, to come play with us and star in our
erotic productions. Whether you're just looking to model for fun and pleasure, or whether you want to turn your desires
into an easy source of ready cash, we are able to help you get started and even offer you work on a regular basis!

As long as you are over eighteen years of age, just complete the modeling application below and
we'll be in touch to chat to you about how to get involved and come along to your first testshoot.
We have shoots to suit all tastes, from simple girlie glamour to x-rated and light fetish!
No Previous Experience Required: If you've never modeled before, don't worry! .. We're extremely happy to work with first-timers, indeed that is how many of our most popular models got started. All you need is a great fun attitude and a willingness to be just a touch daring!
We prefer the everyday girl-next-door appeal, so you certainly don't need to be a cheerleader, homecoming queen or debutante to take part.
Video & Photo Assignments to suit YOU: We always work to your limits, and not the other way around. We want you to be comfortable at all times so we always get you at your very best. Whatever you do or do not wish to do on or off camera is exactly what we will always respect.
Earn CASH Working from Home!: Once you've signed-up as a model, we can also offer you great work-from-home opportunities. These allow you to do as many photoshoots as you like, whenever you like, and to earn unlimited cash from every new shoot, 24-hours a day!
No Upper Age-limits: Whilst you do need to be eighteen or over, there is no limit to the over part. We have a huge demand for ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes, so whether you're 21 or 61 we would like to hear from you. We currently have a special demand for ladies 40+ years.
Single Females and Couples: We can virtually guarantee photo and video shoots for all single ladies and most couples. Obviously the more open-minded you are about the work you are willing to do, the more opportunities can be made available and will be offered to you.
Females to Female Sets: As well as single-girl glamour or boy-girl sets, we are always looking for girls wishing to work with other girls.
Earn Unlimited CASH .. Working from Home!!
Single Men: Needless to say we get a lot of single men applying to work with our single ladies and couples. Whilst we cannot guarantee work for all males, we do need plenty of men for our hardcore sets and will do our best to cast you in a suitable role.
Travel and Accommodation: If you are required to attend a shoot that's in a different state or country, or travel for a photoshoot that may last several days, then your transport, meals and accommodation are usually always included, unless otherwise agreed.
Full Discretion Assured: Whilst we obviously need your full legal details in order to book you, your details are never released to anyone else. Your work is normally presented under a stage-name and any bio frequently fiction or somewhat poetically enhanced.
Submitting Photos: We get a lot of model applications, not all of which are genuine, so our basic rule is that we do not work with anyone who cannot provide at least two recent photos, and whom we can't chat to by telephone prior to confirming a shoot. Please have two or three recent photos ready before completing your application, (ideally not professional images). At least one photo must show your face, the others a full-length shot of your figure. If applying as a couple, your photos should include you both.
models wanted
Payments and Royalties: Once you start working with us, you will be able to choose between receiving daily or hourly rates, lifetime royalty payments, or a mixture of both.
Handjob Hunnies: We urgently require ladies of all ages for our new virtual handjob video series. If you are happy to cock-play, please tell us in the comments section above.
Own Websites: If you have your own website, we are happy for you to use your material for your own personal content too. If you want a new website, we can create one for you!
Fetish Roles: Should you want to do something a little different, then please let us know. Fetish roles often cover a niche which can offer you extra or highly increased earnings.
Professional Models: Whilst we are mostly seeking girl-next-door types, milfs, new, webcam and amateur models, professional models are welcome to apply if not overly-published.
Working with Partners: Should your chosen shoot involve working with a partner, you are welcome to work either with your own partner or approved models from our register.